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Whitney Pockets 1 Public Rock Art

Just off of I-15 a short distance south of Mesquite, NV and about two hours northeast of Las Vegas lies the region of Gold Butte. This area encompasses about 350,000 acres of open land, but with the growing population in southern Nevada and southwest Utah, it has become a very popular place for off-roading enthusiast and hikers. Now, because of a handful of careless ATV'ers and "organizations" claiming to be the social conscience for all of us, many of the legitimate trails are being closed. The upside of this is that as long as you are a strong hiker, ride a horse or mountain bike, nothing will be closed off to you. Just ignore the ATV tracks that you are seeing in the new restricted areas; at least YOU and I are doing the right thing.


In Gold Butte you will find everything from cultural resources dating back to over 4,000 years, great hiking and wildlife viewing, intriguing geological formations, remote and undeveloped camping, and yes, even the remnants of a 20th century ghost town. This area has a lot to offer and that is why it has become so popular. My advice is that if at all possible, visit the area during the week vs. weekends and you will find plenty of solitude and beauty without the hordes of people.


There are several public petroglyph sites in the area, the best of those being Whitney-Hartman. Near to Whitney-Hartman are the smaller sites, Whitney Pockets 1-3.


I would strongly recommend contacting the Las Vegas BLM for driving directions, road conditions, and any GPS information that may be needed. Using Google Earth is also highly recommended because it will give you a visual on the roads in the area and that can save you a lot of wasted time on the wrong roads.


For additional information, try a Google search using either Falling Man (most common name), Whitney-Hartman, or Whitney Pockets and you should come up with supplemental driving information.


Whitney Pockets Petroglyph Site 1 is a short distance beyond where the pavement ends on New Gold Butte Road and the road divides. If you go straight, you end up heading towards Devils Throat; if you turn left, you go to Whitney Pockets 1. Because of the camping in this area, it can be extremely crowded on weekends and holidays, which is why I try not to visit this part of Gold Butte except on week days.


The arrow on the right is the road to Devils Throat and the arrow on the left is where you turn to go to Whitney Pockets Petroglyph Site 1 ( 36° 31.497' 114° 07.984' ) which is about 1/2 mile from the end of the pavement and to the left.



There are two sets of petroglyphs at Whitney Pockets 1. Left arrow points to petroglyphs and the right arrow points towards another panel of petroglyphs just out of frame.



The petroglyphs from this site can be viewed on the "Nevada Rock Art Sites" page of this website.


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