Valley of Fire 27 - Off The Beaten Path

valleyoffire27-012  Site 27:  This site is made up of a shelter and some nearby scratch glyphs.  The glyphs are located near the shelter and were probably associated with the shelter. valleyoffire27-011  The shelter. valleyoffire27-006 valleyoffire27-008
valleyoffire27-007 valleyoffire27-010 valleyoffire27-001  The scratch glyphs are very difficult to see so I tried using D-stretch and it did help a bit. valleyoffire27-020
valleyoffire27-013 valleyoffire27-021 valleyoffire27-014 valleyoffire27-022
valleyoffire27-016  I wish I had been able to gain access to this shelter, but it was beyond my abilities. valleyoffire27-018 valleyoffire27-017 valleyoffire27-019