Sloan Canyon Miscellaneous 3

sloancanyonmisc3-055  This site has several small shelters clustered together. sloancanyonmisc3-057  In front of this shelter there appears to be a small ring, possibly a cooking area. sloancanyonmisc3-059  The shelter at the base of the cliff has a partial ring in front of it that may have been used to support the base of poles leaning against the face of the cliff to form a lean-to shelter.  There is also an area adjacent to the shelter area that may have been used for cooking. sloancanyonmisc3-062
sloancanyonmisc3-064  Sometimes small holes like this were used as ovens and this one has some fire blackening, so maybe… sloancanyonmisc3-065  This tool was found near the shelter and has a couple of possible uses.  A cursory examination of the wear patterns while in the field shows that it may have been used like a typical mano, but the one end also shows a lot of wear, as if it had been used in a bedrock mortar (mortar and pestle).  Kind of a cool find and, yes it is still at the site. sloancanyonmisc3-068 sloancanyonmisc3-076
sloancanyonmisc3-070 sloancanyonmisc3-079 sloancanyonmisc3-073 sloancanyonmisc3-075
sloancanyonmisc3-074 sloancanyonmisc3-084  Looking down from above at the next shelter site.  There are what appears to be two partial rock rings directly in front of the shelter. sloancanyonmisc3-087  Note the rock ring / cooking ring in front of the shelter. sloancanyonmisc3-088
sloancanyonmisc3-091 sloancanyonmisc3-094 sloancanyonmisc3-096  Another possible cooking oven. sloancanyonmisc3-108
sloancanyonmisc3-109  Just another area. sloancanyonmisc3-098 sloancanyonmisc3-100 sloancanyonmisc3-117
sloancanyonmisc3-101  Looking towards the next shelter. sloancanyonmisc3-104 sloancanyonmisc3-106 sloancanyonmisc3-119  Looking out of the shelter.
sloancanyonmisc3-121 sloancanyonmisc3-124 sloancanyonmisc3-128  This metate was located just below the last shelter and it’s possible that it slid down from the shelter over the years. sloancanyonmisc3-130
sloancanyonmisc3-132 sloancanyonmisc3-006  A small nearby rock ring / habitat site. sloancanyonmisc3-007 sloancanyonmisc3-009  Possible storage area off of the main ring.
sloancanyonmisc3-042  Possible cooking area. sloancanyonmisc3-043  A metate. sloancanyonmisc3-045 sloancanyonmisc3-048
sloancanyonmisc3-039  Possible rock alignments. sloancanyonmisc3-050 sloancanyonmisc3-051 sloancanyonmisc3-144  This area has several really nice rock rings.
sloancanyonmisc3-150 sloancanyonmisc3-153 sloancanyonmisc3-155 sloancanyonmisc3-157
sloancanyonmisc3-159 sloancanyonmisc3-161 sloancanyonmisc3-162 sloancanyonmisc3-165
sloancanyonmisc3-166 sloancanyonmisc3-169 sloancanyonmisc3-172 sloancanyonmisc3-175
sloancanyonmisc3-176 sloancanyonmisc3-178 sloancanyonmisc3-180 sloancanyonmisc3-183  Next to the cliff we located a rock ring and what might be a hunting blind.
sloancanyonmisc3-185 sloancanyonmisc3-187  Possible hunting blind. sloancanyonmisc3-189 sloancanyonmisc3-190
sloancanyonmisc3-193 sloancanyonmisc3-195  This shelter is just a few feet from the blind. sloancanyonmisc3-196 sloancanyonmisc3-198
sloancanyonmisc3-202 sloancanyonmisc3-204 sloancanyonmisc3-206 sloancanyonmisc3-208
sloancanyonmisc3-209 sloancanyonmisc3-212 sloancanyonmisc3-214 sloancanyonmisc3-215
sloancanyonmisc3-218 sloancanyonmisc3-219  The cut wood is obviously historic, but has been there for a while. sloancanyonmisc3-221 sloancanyonmisc3-224  Bedrock mortar and associated ring.
sloancanyonmisc3-228 sloancanyonmisc3-225