Sloan Canyon Miscellaneous 2

sloancanyonmisc2-010  At the base of this small waterfall might be and I stress, “might be” a tinaja buried in the sand.  Tinajas commonly occur at waterfalls in this area and are described as a stone basin where water is captured.  They can be an important source of surface water in dry climates for both humans and animals.  In the upper left quadrant of this photo you can see a “circle” shaped petroglyph that may indicate a water source. sloancanyonmisc2-011  This single circle element is on a large boulder next to the wash and can be significant.  One theory - and there are many - for circles, is that it signifies a water source; in this case it would a tinaja at the base of the rock waterfall. sloancanyonmisc2-005 sloancanyonmisc2-007
sloancanyonmisc2-020  A possible chopping or digging tool. sloancanyonmisc2-013 sloancanyonmisc2-015 sloancanyonmisc2-018
sloancanyonmisc2-026  Possible shelter with cooking area and fire blackening. sloancanyonmisc2-030 sloancanyonmisc2-031 sloancanyonmisc2-032
sloancanyonmisc2-035 sloancanyonmisc2-039  This is petroglyph #2. sloancanyonmisc2-042 sloancanyonmisc2-044  This is one of those might be, could be, should be, a petroglyph.  It was near the “cross-like” petroglyph.
sloancanyonmisc2-049  This rock ring was probably a habitat and measures about 5’ by 6’. sloancanyonmisc2-051 sloancanyonmisc2-052  The walking stick measures 48” and is there to judge size of the circle. sloancanyonmisc2-055  Possible rock alignments or a path.
sloancanyonmisc2-057  A rock ring with center stone. sloancanyonmisc2-058  The center stone. sloancanyonmisc2-060 sloancanyonmisc2-063  Petroglyph #3
sloancanyonmisc2-065 sloancanyonmisc2-077  Another rock ring with center stone. sloancanyonmisc2-079 sloancanyonmisc2-081  A metate that was associated with the rock ring.
sloancanyonmisc2-088 sloancanyonmisc2-085 sloancanyonmisc2-090  Fractured grinding slicks. sloancanyonmisc2-091
sloancanyonmisc2-094  New or old?  This might be a rock ring with a path running through it and the stakes along with the re-bar could be from the recording.  It could also be left over from when they were planning the trail system that runs through Sloan Canyon and surrounding areas. sloancanyonmisc2-095  They are several rock rings in the area ahead of where we are standing, including one in the foreground. sloancanyonmisc2-098  This large circle has been described to me as a ceremonial area and also has several grinding slicks associated with it. sloancanyonmisc2-099  Grinding slicks.
sloancanyonmisc2-102 sloancanyonmisc2-103 sloancanyonmisc2-105  Rock ring, probably a habitat. sloancanyonmisc2-109  Rock ring, probably a habitat or storage area.
sloancanyonmisc2-110 sloancanyonmisc2-112  Another rock ring. sloancanyonmisc2-113  Another rock ring, but the upright stones appears to have been moved. sloancanyonmisc2-116
sloancanyonmisc2-117  Rock ring / storage areas. sloancanyonmisc2-119  Rock ring with center stone. sloancanyonmisc2-122  … and more rock rings. sloancanyonmisc2-123
sloancanyonmisc2-126  There were many rock rings on this ridgeline.  This may have been one of the areas where people camped while visiting or working in the nearby canyon. sloancanyonmisc2-127  A shelter and rock ring. sloancanyonmisc2-131 sloancanyonmisc2-129
sloancanyonmisc2-070  On this rock is a nice glyph, but it’s historic. sloancanyonmisc2-072  A nice Valentine’s Day glyph. sloancanyonmisc2-073