Sloan Canyon Miscellaneous 1

Sloan Canyon Petroglyphs
sloancanyonmisc1-002  Sloan Canyon Miscellaneous 1 is another rock ring site, but with a twist: the rock ring or rock groupings appeared to be habitats complete with grinding or milling areas.  Some of the “rings” were the typical circular to oval shape, but the most interesting were the ones that were more like large piles of rock.  This was not your typical rock ring that we would see in southern Nevada, so it makes you wonder exactly what were they used for. sloancanyonmisc1-003  For those interested in geology, this area has a lot to offer. sloancanyonmisc1-139 sloancanyonmisc1-142
sloancanyonmisc1-143 sloancanyonmisc1-009  This is the first of many rock ring-like formations that we came across.  They were all located next to a dry wash on a slightly higher elevation than the wash.  Almost without exception, there were grinding slicks nearby. sloancanyonmisc1-011 sloancanyonmisc1-012
sloancanyonmisc1-016  Grinding slick. sloancanyonmisc1-018 sloancanyonmisc1-021 sloancanyonmisc1-023  There is a possible glyph on the upper right corner of this rock.
sloancanyonmisc1-024  Possible glyph on the upper right. sloancanyonmisc1-030  Metate or grinding slick. sloancanyonmisc1-032 sloancanyonmisc1-033
sloancanyonmisc1-035  This rock has a cupule on the middle left. sloancanyonmisc1-038  A partial metate. sloancanyonmisc1-041  A complete grinding slick. sloancanyonmisc1-043  A rock ring with a tail.
sloancanyonmisc1-046  Rock pile with tail.  This type of rock ring / rock pile / whatever, was common throughout the area. sloancanyonmisc1-045 sloancanyonmisc1-049 sloancanyonmisc1-050
sloancanyonmisc1-052  Rock ring. sloancanyonmisc1-053 sloancanyonmisc1-055  Metate. sloancanyonmisc1-057  This rock ring looks like it might have been a storage area, based on the upright stones.
sloancanyonmisc1-058  Possible stone lined path. sloancanyonmisc1-060  A metate or grinding slick. sloancanyonmisc1-062  We found several of these formations.  All of them consisted of a large group of rocks with a Joshua tree or other large plant growing in the center.  We are assuming that these were either storage areas or cooking pits.  Either way, the rocks provided a protected area and possibly a nutrient- rich environment for seeds to grow. sloancanyonmisc1-064
sloancanyonmisc1-068 sloancanyonmisc1-069 sloancanyonmisc1-072 sloancanyonmisc1-073
sloancanyonmisc1-075  A rock ring. sloancanyonmisc1-077 sloancanyonmisc1-080  A rock-lined area with a partial metate on the left. sloancanyonmisc1-081  A partial metate or grinding slick.
sloancanyonmisc1-083  Cooking ring or rock ring. sloancanyonmisc1-085 sloancanyonmisc1-088  Rock ring with opening. sloancanyonmisc1-090  Another Joshua tree growing up through the middle of an old ring.  Plus there is an adjacent ring in the foreground.
sloancanyonmisc1-092 sloancanyonmisc1-095 sloancanyonmisc1-096 sloancanyonmisc1-099  A large rock ring with another ring in the background.
sloancanyonmisc1-100 sloancanyonmisc1-103 sloancanyonmisc1-105 sloancanyonmisc1-107  Metate or grinding slick.
sloancanyonmisc1-110 sloancanyonmisc1-112  A beautiful ring with large opening. sloancanyonmisc1-114 sloancanyonmisc1-117  And another rock ring.  They seem to be everywhere we looked.
sloancanyonmisc1-119 sloancanyonmisc1-121  This area was made up of rocks placed in a straight line on three sides and open on the fourth, similar to early mining camp tents.  There are mines in the area, so that is a possibility. sloancanyonmisc1-124 sloancanyonmisc1-125
sloancanyonmisc1-128 sloancanyonmisc1-130 sloancanyonmisc1-132 sloancanyonmisc1-134  I am guessing that if an animal opened this guy up, it was a beaked critter.
sloancanyonmisc1-136 sloancanyonmisc1-148  Another rock pile with an open area in the center. sloancanyonmisc1-149 sloancanyonmisc1-151
sloancanyonmisc1-153 sloancanyonmisc1-155 sloancanyonmisc1-158 sloancanyonmisc1-161
sloancanyonmisc1-163 sloancanyonmisc1-165 sloancanyonmisc1-168 sloancanyonmisc1-170  A rock alignment with unknown purpose.
sloancanyonmisc1-172 sloancanyonmisc1-174 sloancanyonmisc1-177 sloancanyonmisc1-178
sloancanyonmisc1-181 sloancanyonmisc1-184 sloancanyonmisc1-186  Possible metate. sloancanyonmisc1-188  Rock ring  / storage area with opening.
sloancanyonmisc1-190 sloancanyonmisc1-193 sloancanyonmisc1-194  Storage area with partial grinding slick. sloancanyonmisc1-195
sloancanyonmisc1-197  Rock alignment with rock ring (or whatever…) in the foreground. sloancanyonmisc1-201 sloancanyonmisc1-202 sloancanyonmisc1-204
sloancanyonmisc1-205 sloancanyonmisc1-208 sloancanyonmisc1-209 sloancanyonmisc1-211
sloancanyonmisc1-214 sloancanyonmisc1-216 sloancanyonmisc1-218