Eightmile 8

eightmile8-004 eightmile8-005  This Pahranagat Man is about 4’ tall and is placed in a more secluded area because of its significance. eightmile8-008 eightmile8-011
eightmile8-012 eightmile8-014 eightmile8-018 eightmile8-020
eightmile8-021 eightmile8-024 eightmile8-025 eightmile8-026
eightmile8-027 eightmile8-028 eightmile8-030 eightmile8-032  This is area directly below this Pahranagat Man.  The way it (the glyph) has been placed is significant, but I am not sure why or how.
eightmile8-034 eightmile8-036 eightmile8-039