Eightmile 3

eightmile3-004  This site consists of two shelters, several glyphs, and milling areas. eightmile3-005  Interior of shelter 1 with the two bedrock-grinding areas located middle right of the photo. eightmile3-007  Possible enhanced cupule. eightmile3-012  Grinding or milling area.
eightmile3-016 eightmile3-018 eightmile3-019 eightmile3-022
eightmile3-077 eightmile3-024  Shelter 2. eightmile3-025 eightmile3-026
eightmile3-028 eightmile3-034 eightmile3-064  Another grinding or milling area. eightmile3-067
eightmile3-033 eightmile3-069 eightmile3-070 eightmile3-059  … and another grinding or milling area.
eightmile3-060 eightmile3-063 eightmile3-037 eightmile3-047
eightmile3-039 eightmile3-041 eightmile3-050 eightmile3-053
eightmile3-044 eightmile3-073 eightmile3-074