Eightmile 2

eightmile2-004  Eight Mile 2 is known by several different names, “The Gathering”, “Gallery of the Ancients”, and the “Rex Site”.  It is a larger site located on multiple tuff boulders and bedrock.  It has multiple examples of Pahranagat style Pattern Bodied Anthropomorphs (PBA’s). eightmile2-005  An example of Pahranagat style Pattern Bodied Anthropomorphs (PBA’s). eightmile2-008 eightmile2-009
eightmile2-011 eightmile2-014  There were many shelters in the area. eightmile2-020 eightmile2-018
eightmile2-022  There were possible pictographs in the rear of this one. eightmile2-022b eightmile2-023b eightmile2-025
eightmile2-028 eightmile2-029 eightmile2-031 eightmile2-033
eightmile2-036 eightmile2-037 eightmile2-039 eightmile2-042
eightmile2-043 eightmile2-045 eightmile2-047 eightmile2-049
eightmile2-050 eightmile2-052 eightmile2-055 eightmile2-056
eightmile2-058  Another example of Pahranagat style Pattern Bodied Anthropomorphs (PBA’s). eightmile2-060 eightmile2-062 eightmile2-064
eightmile2-067 eightmile2-069 eightmile2-071 eightmile2-072
eightmile2-074 eightmile2-078 eightmile2-079 eightmile2-082
eightmile2-083 eightmile2-086 eightmile2-087 eightmile2-089
eightmile2-091 eightmile2-105 eightmile2-105b eightmile2-107
eightmile2-119 eightmile2-122 eightmile2-123 eightmile2-126
eightmile2-127 eightmile2-133 eightmile2-149 eightmile2-152
eightmile2-153 eightmile2-155 eightmile2-157 eightmile2-158
eightmile2-161 eightmile2-162 eightmile2-165 eightmile2-167
eightmile2-168 eightmile2-170 eightmile2-172  An excellent example of Pahranagat style Pattern Bodied Anthropomorph (PBA). eightmile2-174
eightmile2-177 eightmile2-178 eightmile2-181 eightmile2-183
eightmile2-184 eightmile2-187 eightmile2-189 eightmile2-190
eightmile2-192 eightmile2-194 eightmile2-197 eightmile2-198
eightmile2-204 eightmile2-207 eightmile2-211 eightmile2-217
eightmile2-218 eightmile2-220 eightmile2-214 eightmile2-224
eightmile2-230 eightmile2-237 eightmile2-240 eightmile2-246
eightmile2-243 eightmile2-251 eightmile2-253 eightmile2-255  This shelter had possible dig site in it.
eightmile2-256 eightmile2-260 eightmile2-258 eightmile2-266
eightmile2-268 eightmile2-270 eightmile2-273 eightmile2-275
eightmile2-279 eightmile2-282 eightmile2-281