Blue Diamond Hills 2 - Shaman's Shelter

Southern Nevada Rock Art Sites

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The Southwest, including Southern Nevada, has a significant amount of Native American Petroglyph / Rock Art Sites. Our web site will concentrate on the rock art of Southern Nevada which extends back over 1500 years, and was typically created by either the Paiute, Shoshone, Chemehuevi, or the Anasazi people.


Preservation through Education


We believe that rock art on public lands does not - and should not - belong to just a few select people or groups.  However, due to the fragile nature of many rock art sites, it is not realistic to have a large number of people visiting most of them. What we are attempting to do with our website is to provide visual access where those with the interest or the curiosity can go to see and appreciate a small piece of Native American history. Our beliefs are that by educating people to the historical significance of the rock art, people will be more inclined to respect, and preserve, the sites for the enjoyment of everyone for a long, long time.

Blue Diamond Hills 2


This shelter / cave shows evidence of having been used by native Americans, or possibly by a shaman for ceremonially rituals. The elevation of the shelter above the valley floor offers seclusion and an excellent view of its surroundings.  Also, we found what appears to be “spirit or prayer sticks” placed in a crack in the rock wall. Plus, there are cupules near the entrance of the shelter.  All of this leads me to believe that that this site was, or may still be used for ceremonially purposes.


There is also an excellent chance that due to its proximity to the Las Vegas valley, it has been used for shelter or just hanging out by historic hunters and or campers.


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